Our team work hard to carry out power flushing in your home or property which is a particularly cost effective way of improving the way your heating system works, and can help find places where your system may have broken down.

We know about the best equipment available; and we have chosen to use the Sentinel Jetflush 4 Flushing Unit. Alongside our Sentinel Jetflush4 is our Magna Cleanse Magnetic Filtration System – this gives us the optimal power flush, providing you with one of the best ways to flush through central heating system. Through using these two units together, we can remove more of the magnetic black iron oxide that settles in your heating pipes, than ever before.

While our power-flushing unit is extremely effective, making your heating system run more efficient, it is found that the build-up of iron oxide continues to build up as you use your central heating. We have discovered in our years of working in the industry that combining our two units, the Sentinel Jetflush4 and the MagnaCleanse delivers an extremely effective power flushing service. We do not just remove the sludge, but also the black iron oxide too.

Our services also include the option of on-going lifetime protection, with the installation of a MagnaClean filter to your heating system. The process enables us to carry out a routine clean of the magna-clean filter once combined with your heating system; this filter continuously removes any build up which we service on a regular basis.

As all boiler manufacturers are now recommending that the power flush and installation of a magna clean be installed on all new central heating systems (magna cleans are not compulsory) but without the power flush manufactures will not cover your new boilers guarantee and this is all in accordance with BS 7593.

We power flush many homes throughout London and Essex, and our customers are always extremely happy with the results. And, you may be interested to know, that just because we use a two-step power flush system, it does not make our power flushing costs any higher. Those companies who use standalone power flushes are often still more expensive.

We have found that our costs for power flushing are very competitive and generally no different to others servicing the same areas, please contact us for a quotation using our contact form or call us directly on 01708 379527 or 07860 573666.